Thursday, March 29, 2007

Chariots of the Gods??

That's the book I am currently reading. By Erich Von Daniken. Just started it today. Yeah, its old school but still interesting.
Today Harrison said "Go to Chuck's!!" So we ended up going to Chuck E Cheese. After being on this blah diet for 3 weeks I was ready for a cheat meal!
I saw the movie RV and loved it! I must have lost my royal mind, but I really did like it...predictable plots and all. Its hard to find a lighthearted comedy nowadays that does not have lots of nudity,and cussing. Its nice to watch something as a family!
Off my soapbox now.
Hmmm...stayed up late last night watching the Laguna Beach season 1. I saw all of 2 on MTV, and some of 3 and I watch The Hills now and then. I'm not THAT old...only 29 but I guess I like to remember what it was like being in high school/college. I sometimes (sometimes!) miss those days! Waaahhh.