Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Achy ache

Every muscle in my body aches! Harrison and I woke up early (early for us...8am). By 9am, we were outside. I sanded--to distress--an old wooden bench I had painted turquoise the day before. Then I sealed it and sealed all the outdoor wood furniture. I went through all my old teaching boxes (FIDDLEBACKS!) and even sorted through more baby/maternity clothes. Those little socks are precious!
That had to be the hardest part for me...parting with the baby stuff. SIGH. Le sigh. I kept 2 smallish boxes of stuff. AND I filled 5 boxes with stuff to consign. Ben came home and took lots to Goodwill. We put an ad in the paper for the crib and stroller. Like the commercial says, LIFE COMES AT YOU FAST!