Thursday, February 15, 2007

Wishes do come true!

My Valentine's wish did come true! Ben did those chores for me. LOVES it!!!
Harrison's teacher was here this morning. He did a puzzle where foam pieces had shapes cut out of the middle of it and he had to place them on wooden shapes that matched. Then he did a cookie jar shaper sorter three times. That was super-easy because we already own that toy! Then he had to do a Piagetian puzzle where he matches objects with velcro to their outline on posterboard. He read some books,too. When you ask him what his name is he proudly says, "Boss!"
I just found out they are recalling jars of Peter Pan peanut butter and the WalMart Great Value brand because of salmonella. I did one quick check of our cabinet. WHEW! My husband is a cheapie so we had Garden Club brand. Then I called my mom to tell her and she was like, "Uh-Oh. Your brother just ate a whole jar of Peter Pan." YIKES!!! I told her to save it in case she has to sue later.
We recently had a problem with Beneful Purina dog food from WalMart. I was reading on snopes. com the other day that it (*allegedly*) makes dogs lethargic, vomit, not want to eat/drink, and 2 dogs have died!!! That explains why our dogs have been vomiting and our older dog has not really wanted to leave his bag. We took one to the vet a month ago and he did not know for sure what was wrong with him. Anyway, the Beneful brand has been found to have toxic mold in it. I am sure this does not apply to all bags or all brands of Purina. But it is worth doing some research about it if your doggies/cat eat any Purina brands. Makes you want to grow your own food in the backyard, huh?