Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sugar Rush

Today we went to Johnnie's Bakery and bought some sugar cookies. YUM! We honestly have NO bakeries near us...we have to drive at least 45 minutes North or South.
This morning I took Harrison to Chuck E Cheese. There are 2 big games there that he has mastered--one where you shoot spiders before they get ladybugs (he played it like 7 times), and another where you hit a button and it pushes balls into a dog's mouth. Cool. We got 105 tickets!!! We are saving up for a big prize LOL.
Then we went to feed the ducks. Some of the domesticated geese were taking the bread right out of our hands!
I have been busy offline putting together plans for a big Easter egg hunt with family and friends. I hope I can pull it all together!! We did one last year but it was with my mom's group, and I did not really know the women who came too well. It was awkward and VERY windy. I hope this year its way better!!!