Monday, February 19, 2007 Winter Cleaning 2007

The majority of my weekend I focused on organization here at my house. I was not online once (a first!). Friday we took Harrison to Chuck E Cheese. He kept saying "Bye Cheese!" when we were leaving. Then we did some shopping. Saturday we started on the office/scrapbook room. I need to post pics soon but I really want to wait until we paint it. Ben adamantly refuses to pick up a paintbrush until Spring Break. We will see who will win this battle! Prolly him because he is let me pick HOT PINK for our bedroom. So my scrap area is super organized, super cute. I found stuff I never knew I had (shh...don't tell Ben...had some duplicates!). Then I attacked our coat closet. My goal was to get rid of some of the hats/jackets my son has outgrown. Too sad...I parted with a lot but I could not part with like 5 hats and I am fighting the urge to go get his jean Baby Gap jacket (0-3mths!) out of the box. Late last night I finally made it to my closet. I thought I would sweep out so many clothes but suprisingly I found many that still fit/hardly worn, so I only have one Goodwill box. Only 2 and a half more closets to go. Ugh and the outside storage.