Thursday, February 22, 2007

So sick of the circus!!!

I have been watching the trial for Anna Nicole's body and had to turn the tv off because I get upset. I am very opinionated and you don't have to agree with me. There are plenty of Howard haters out there and no, I don't think he is a saint at all but I really question the motives of the others!! The mom, Vergie, admitted Splash TV paid for her round trip to the Bahamas and she had the Splash TV helicopter follow over her after she viewed Anna Nicole's body. What a freak!!! The judge is very BIASED and should be taken off the case. He always makes positive comments toward Larry/Vergie...and lets them elaborate when they speak (ex. Vergie deflected a question today by stating Howard killed Anna). The clown judge only lets Howard answer YES or NO and cuts him off repeatedly. HKS still seemed choked up over Anna's death but it was interesting that Larry was laughing and smiling...probably thinking about the money. He is such a poser. AND please don't base your thoughts on Dannielynn's paternity on whether she resembles Larry...Larry has had major plastic surgery...If we are going to base it on looks, he had a toucan nose before, Dannielynn's is a button nose. He also has squinty, narrow eyes like Anna's...but Dannielynn's are round. Vergie DOES not care about her daughter! You can tell the mother is VERY manipulative. It is not true that Anna could not have family visit her. She had a falling out with her family, but her cousin (after a reconciliation) was in several episodes of the AN Show. I also remember seeing on True Hollywood Story years ago that all her tacky Texas relatives were complaining she wanted nothing to do with them...after Anna had bought them cars, houses, clothes,etc. Anna probably got sick of them demanding more money/material items. I wish I could personally stick the judge (with the Garfield cat voice and tacky Judge Judy zingers),Vergie (whom Anna claims on the entertainment video that her mother physically abused her and let her be sexually abused by family members...what kind of mother is that???), and Larry in a rocket and blast them into the sun. Oh wait, they are going to burn in hell when they die anyway.