Thursday, February 22, 2007

Pink is the new (old) blog

I removed Trent from my faves. It was a hard decision but I am tired of him always making excuses for Britney Spears, constantly posting pics of her, and making her out to be Mother of the Year. He never shows the wrong stuff she really does like taking her son Sean to Trashy Lingerie store to pick out sex toys/lingerie instead of going to the zoo (without inviting the photogs) or something. And I get sick of people who say "She hasn't partied in 2 years. She just had 2 babies back to back! Good for her, let her party! Kfed does!" (wrong Debbie Matenapoulous or whatevs your name is...the lady on E) Okay, just because the man you married and chose to have babies with (they were planned because she even got impatient and went to a fertility specialist after trying for 3 months! And don't forget she kept buying puppies and baby clothes way before expecting)...did not choose to show maturity and grow up SOMETIMES you have to! To Britney~Yes,Kfed would go clubbing and promote his joke of a rap career. Yes, you were at home. But you should have spent that time bonding with your kids instead of feeling sorry for yourself!!! I am not saying once you are a mom your life is over. You can go out if you want, but did you really have to hang out with Paris, flash your crotch repeatedly, do drugs allegedly, vomit everywhere and on everyone EVERY night? Have some class! I am sorry I am not going to feel sorry for Britney right now. She has left rehab twice in less than 24 hour periods. If she really cared about her kids, addict or not, she should try to get help for them! (And no, I don't think the kids are better off with Kevin or Lynn...I think they should go to Brangelina). So that is why Trent is no longer on my clicking schedule. Bad Britney! Let's not enable and applaud her now. An example is April 12, 2006. In the blog entry it makes it out that Sean P's fractured skull is not a big deal, sorry, wrong!! I am not into Britney excuses/watching a trainwreck explode!I would also like to state that recent pics of her out of rehab with her cheap wig show her carrying yet another puppy...don't you think Sean or Jayden wishes mommy would be carrying them instead? He should just make it a Britney blog for goodness sakes. I also don't agree with a lot of his opinions oncelebrities (like all his Howard bashing without watching any of the court coverage,...the judge really is biased and Dannielynn also needs to go to Brangelina). I know I don't have to agree with everything I read but I would like to see a celebrity blog that doesn't make excuses for Britney's horrendous parenting (see list below) and bad behavior.
Britney and Kfed's Horrendous Parenting List (or why CPS needs to get involved!!!)
~Britney drove with Sean P on lap while trying to escape one friendly papparazzi photog whom she gave permission to photograph her. Later, she lied and said she was being chased by hordes of paps.
~Britney driving with Sean P's unsupported/slumped head in a front-facing car seat before he is one years of age
~There were pictures of Sean around 3-4 months of age. Britney had a FULL bottle of what appeared to be apple juice. Babies don't get juice at that age, much less a full bottle. There are also Sean P. pictures (on the blog) of his mom with another juice-filled bottle from April 5, 2006. Found another pic of him with full bottle of juice on May 9, 2006. Reportedly, people who have seen Sean P. recently have said all his teeth are rotted. Bottle rot is when your baby consistently falls asleep with a bottle in his/her mouth (lazy parenting) and also, you are supposed to brush babies teeth and gums daily even before they have teeth. Now, Britney does not brush her hair, does she seem interested in brushing her babies teeth?
~Sean P. falls from high chair while on nanny's watch. This could lead to seizures. Read article here on his many falls:
~Reportedly, he also falls off the bed TWICE while taking a nap with Britney.
~And almost falls again!! while she is walking in pants that are too long and with shoes that are untied. A bodyguard catches little Sean P. A web site is created after all the head injuries.

~Took Sean P to zoo but called papparazzi to photograph it. Did the same at the park. Who wears huge high heels, long wig, and tiny skirt to awkwardly play with their kid at the park, and then lets the nanny do most of the playing? Only other noticeable playdate was at Trashy lingerie store with Sean P. Told photogs "I am going to buy something to wear on Valentine's for Isaac." AGAIN. Taking your baby to a sex store...not a playdate!!
~In Star magazine, Britney and Kfed are at the beach. The pics depict Sean P. without a hat/sunscreen looking red, and in a saggy ocean-soaked diaper (hey, they make swim diapers you know so diaper granules don't get stuck in baby's nether regions).
~Kfed allegedly smoking pot in house. Britney allegedly recently seen doing cocaine, meth and/or ecstasy in public restrooms/clubs. This is all hearsay about the drug use.
~Kfed partying since babies were born, especially in Las Vegas. Britney joins the party bandwagon and loses her panties/any sense of decency by taking up with Lindsay and Paris after the split. She flashes her crotch every chance and then hooks up with at least 10 men publicly. She has been out EVERY night. Neglecting her kids, allegedly sleeping in with hangovers, leaving the kids to the nannies. I bet Sean and Jayden wish mommy was there to tuck them into bed at night. Who do they see first thing in the morning???This is neglect!

~Currently, Britney has had a breakdown, shaving her head, saying it was due to lice (imaginary meth bugs???) and yet her fans first instinct was to try to say she was sexually assaulted or the extensions were too tight. Neither of those theories ended up being true.
All this adds up to super bad parenting. IF my neigbors were doing all this then CPS would have already claimed the kids. Anyway, what do you think? Should we keep covering her butt and thinking her antics are cute? Should we continue to post pics of her and say "I can't wait for her comeback!!" or "I want her to hook back up with Justin!"...forgetting that she has 2babies/resposibilities!!! and 2 divorces under her belt before the age of 26? Or should we pray the boys run away as soon as they learn to walk?
I will miss you Trent!!! but I can no longer support your fascination with Britney. You need a Britney intervention. Jump off the train before it wrecks (some more)!!!