Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Pennies from heaven...or from my husband's pockets

I’ve decided to start saving all the change (okay, mainly pennies) that I collect at the bottom of the washing machine. My husband is so forgetful! I wish I could find bills instead of change.
Today Harrison and I went on a playdate to Playzone. It is one of those places that is attached to a gymnastics center. They have a moonwalk, balance beam, slides, tunnels,etc. We had been there 2 other times but never on a playdate with another mom/child. I hate the ball pit there!! Ball pits are filthy, germ-ridden, vomit-filled pools…so I was glad Harrison did not really go in there. The only problem is that this friend’s son was a HUGE bully. I can’t believe she did not really notice it! He pushed Harrison and other kids several times or tried to sit on my son. I intervened a few times, but I also tried to watch to see how Harrison would handle it because I know when he starts school I cannot be there to protect him/fight his battles (as much as I want to!) and I want him to know how to deal with bullies. For the most part, he pushed him off of him, walked away and came and told me. The mom only reacted to two events. One, her son pulled Harrison’s shirt and would not let go. She said “Oh,he is doing that because he wants Harrison to stay in that area.” Event #2, she only got mad and reacted when her son pushed a little girl down some foam steps. I think the only reason this mom did react that time is because it was someone else’s (not mine) child and she was embarrassed.

This mom is someone I have know on and off over two years…but she is always trying to one-up me or act like her child is more intelligent or special than mine (I know all parent’s think that about their child but keep it to yourself and the grandparents!!!) I got complaints from some of my guests at Harrison's birthday party afterward about how she kept trying to "steal the spotlight." For the most part, the mom seemed oblivious to it all. I don’t know how to be polite about turning down any future playdates, but I think I should turn them down. I mean, I know my son will deal with bullies at some point because we all do, but at the same time I don’t want to throw him to the lions!!