Saturday, February 24, 2007

I'm officially a nerd...

Hey, I wear the label loud and proud! Here are some of our book finds! I bought about 25 novels...all on various subjects. I love to read!
We also bought hmmm...about 20 books for Harrison and 30 videos. Some of his great finds were Blues Clues book, some Sesame Street books, Brown Bear/Brown Bear in spanish, a learning values series, and some old volumes of storybooks I had as a kid. His videos were mainly Brainy Baby, Blues Clues, Bob the Builder, Thomas, Baby Einstein and Sesame Street. I got a set of Jenny Craig workout! and 3 for a dollar. Joy.
We went last night. There was a ten dollar fee for 4 tickets. Ben went in to pay and some man handed him 2 tickets!!! Isn't that cool? What a blessing. Then we waited in line for an hour and a half to go in. We tag-teamed taking turns walking outside with Harrison. He was in his big red wagon. When I started putting videos in the cart, he kept throwing them out at first! Some people had really weird ways to carry books...empty trash cans, a coffin on wheels, stolen shopping cart, dollys, one woman had a cart with about 20 scholastic boxes to put books in! Nerds are the craziest. We returned again this afternoon. There was not as much to go through and we only got books. Maybe we will go tomorrow (the last day)???
On the scrapping front, I finally got my scrapbook area re-organized and I was so happy Ben bought me a $40 3M adhesive gun. I got a big ziploc and showed him all the money I have wasted on broken adhesive least $100 worth. SO he got online and ordered me one that the PROFESSIONALS use. YAY! Its like Christmas around here.