Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Cursed Martha Stewart...

The cursed Martha Stewart glitter letters!!!!

I did not realize I had been offline so much. There has been so much to do around here. I have lain down the law...and spring cleaning has now begun in our house. We are going to start by going through all our closets and cabinets. We bought new paint for all the bedrooms!!For our bedroom, I picked "Hibiscus", which is as close to hot pink as I could find (currently is is almost-white pink). Harrison's room will be true blue, and then we are going to do a mural over the whole room...think 1950s retro outer space. We found some planets at Dollar Tree to glue on the wall! Fun.His room still has classic Winnie the Pooh mural all over the walls...its nice to have a husband who is an artist. The office/scrapbook room (which is now very pale green) is going to be turquoise with maybe some chocolate brown diamonds or dots or something.I have lived in this house for 6 years (time went by too fast...I bought it when I was single!) and the paint has always been neutral colors so I am ready for a change.

I got the coolest package in the mail. Someone sent me a whole package of scrapbook stickers, letters, embellishments, etc. The card said~"You have been RAK (random act of kindness), Use what you can and pass on the rest". Mysterious, but cool.

I am sooo mad at Martha Stewart. Okay, everytime I try to make something off her show it flops.It started with her chocolate frosting recipe that never made it on my cupcakes. Then there was the pumpkin cheesecake I tried to feed my family at Thanksgiving (Ben really does love me because he was the only one to eat it and declare it "good").I think there is a Martha Stewart curse!!! I tried to make these pink glitter letters as Valentine gifts (seen above) and it just about made me want to murder my craft area (if that is even possible).First, I had to paint them. Then I realized that the back should be painted too because it was super-ugly. I am not paitient so dry time was excruciating! Then I used a beautiful silver and white glitter called Diamond Dust. Since the paint was still dry (I told you I am not patient) the glitter turned gold. I then ran out of glitter. After hitting 2 craft stores and WalMart, I could not find the glitter. I got one I thought would make a good replacement (silver and pink) at WM. Came home, proceeded to glitter letters. Horror!! The glitter looked like freakin' dandruff!! Tossed letters into trash, while yelling "I HATE MARTHA STEWART!!!" Can you accidentally breathe in too much glitter? What if my brain is covered with dandruff-like glitter? I think I have some serious issues because today I went in the rain to Hobby Lobby, carrying a sleeping toddler, to get a diamond dust glitter look-a-like. Um,yeah I know Valentine's is tomorrow, and no, I have not started a new set.