Saturday, January 20, 2007

"want paci!!!"

That's one of Harrison's newest phrases along with "oh gosh" and asking "where are we going?" in the car. Darn that paci! We have tried so many ways to get the memory of it out of his brain. We have tried distraction, the big boy talk, giving it to our new puppy Keely, and cutting it so it is no longer fun. Urgh. I don't want him to start kindergarten with it! I keep telling myself he will give it up when he is ready. He did just turn 2! It is the only "baby" thing he still holds onto at times. It certainly has not interferred with his speech development. I guess I should relax and enjoy the fact that my son who is growing so fast, only really seeking me for comfort (daddy is the "fun" one right now)...the boy who shrugs off hugs during playgroup still needs mommy and daddy for his paci supply and resembles the fragile newborn I brought home from the hospital when he has his paci. All is right with the word then.