Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Last night we re-discovered our rice box. We had made it a few months ago. We filled a plastic storage box with about 2 1/2 bags of rice, scoops, an ice tray, and some cheapie toys to hide. I set a blanket on the floor and Harrison just goes to town. Fun! We are supposed to get snow this week so the rice box will probably make more reappearances. I haven't posted in a while...so busy doing stuff here. Our little dog Kipper was sick yesterday so I had to stalk him with carpet cleaner all day. Harrison's teacher came to visit, too. He completed a puzzle he had never seen before (without knobs) all by himself several times. He also got in her carrier (a laundry basket) and called it a "truck" and pretended to drive. His newest phrase is "Wow! Cool." and he said it to her when she gave him a sticker...which he promptly stuck on his butt. My dad has been fighting pneumonia for the past 2 weeks and he is very contagious so we have not visited any set of grandparents for like 3 weeks. The other set has been busy delivering phone books in their spare time LOL.
I did watch some of the SAG awards...well, the red carpet part. I loved America's green dress. I like Felicity Huffman's 50s looking black dress. I don't know why she got some flack for it. It looked comfortable. I guess as a fellow mom I can understand that need!! There were a lot of nude/champagne dresses which I found a little boring. Look at me talking about fashion while wearing mismatched PJs.