Monday, January 15, 2007

National news...

Oklahoma is all over the national news for this ice storm. We have built a train out of cardboard boxes for entertainment, I watched an entire tape of DIY Scrapbooking, ate a whole box of Frankenberry cereal (well, over the course of the week...not in one day although I am sure that could be possible), worked on zero scrapbook pages, and we took Harrison sledding in the backyard (everything went well until he removed his mittens and touched the ice). In all the pictures it looks like snow but it is pure sheets of ice!! Completely smooth...if you walk on it you will not even leave any footprints. They canceled schools Ben is off of work (yay 4 day weekend however I don't think he wants to go to work until July!!!). Right now he went to the grocery store (for more Frankenberry?). The streets here in the city are not too bad. Lucky for us we live within a block of Albertsons, Conoco, Blockbuster, Walgreens and McDs...what more do you need in an ice storm? LOL
Harrison's teacher was going to come tomorrow but we have to reschedule her. I am so proud...I cannot wait to show her our December 4th (when he was still one!!!) video of him listing the alphabet letters (out of impressive) and naming colors. The weird thing is that even though I taught kindegarten/first grade for 5 years and Ben is an art teacher (for 10 years!), we have never drilled anything in his head...never sat down and said "This is A. Repeat." He had to learn it on his own! Cool, huh? Kids are so smart. You never know what good (and bad...hello, cuss words) things they are going to pick up.