Thursday, January 11, 2007

Insomnia Queen!!!

Okay I have been wanting to start this blog for a very long time...after yet another night of insomnia and a whole bunch of peanuts and Diet Mountain Dew (they do counteract each other, don't they???) I am finally writing...YAY! My son is still in la-la-land prolly dreaming of mommy killng Oscar the Grouch and my husband Ben just brought me a nice cup of coffee. He is smart because he is leaving for work before the coffee sets in! My goal today is to take Harrison to the zoo or at least play in the backyard!! We have this WINTER STORM headed our way so I want to make the best of our last nice weather day here in Oklahoma. My paranoid mom must have called 5 times yesterday to remind us to go out and buy candles (I think she forgot that flashlights were invented!) and lots of food.She freaked when she asked what type of food we bought and I responded with "Microwave" (I am on this awful Lean Cuisine diet....grrrr!!). She screamed, "OMG, what if the electricity goes out??" I replied, "Well, I do have candles..." Tina