Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I can't believe its Wednesday!!!!

When you're a SAHM (stay at home mom) you seriously lose track of days. I cannot believe it is already Wednesday!!! This is day 5 of my husband being at home! Today we took Harrison to a playgroup session (but arrived late and left early), then we decided to go to Chuck E Cheese. We knew they were remodeling but they had this huge OPEN sign up so we did not expect the HUGE mess that was inside. All the balls were GRIMEY!! Boo. They had put all the machines in one area all squished together so you had to CLIMB over something to play. And worse, there was NO CHUCK E! So we played 2 games and bailed. We went to the new Chick Fil A (the only other one here in OKC is at the mall LOL...OKC is behind the times!)and Harrison had fun playing there. The only weird thing is there was this woman in her mid-20s watching him play the whole time! I guess she is baby hungry but whatever...I don't want my son to be kidnapped!!! We got home and my family was waiting in our driveway. My dad is sick and my mom took the day funny--I told her I was writing about her in my blog. I think they mainly came to borrow Arrested Development, season 3 from us. After they left, Harrison fell asleep, mommy gets computer time (YAY!)and Ben is watching tv/paying bills. I wonder if schools are ever going to reopen???