Wednesday, January 31, 2007

"Hey poo poo"

This was the conversation with my son the other day:
Me-"Hey La (my nickname for him)"
Harrison- "Hey poo poo."
I have stretch marks, a saggy bosom and a big bottom from carrying him and I am crowned with the name Poo Poo.
I have to share another cute convo though. When we went to the doctor they gave him a felt snowman puppet. A league of loving grandmas made them. Being the huge germo-phobe that I am...I washed the puppet. He fell apart because while he appeared sewn, some of him was fabric-glued. So last night I did repair work on the puppet my son lovingly crowned "Snowy." This morning he ran to my craft/scrapbook room, saw Snowy and said "Hey Snowy, you're looking good!!" My heart just melted a little.