Monday, January 22, 2007

He hearts Jennifer Garner!

Say it isn't so! My sweet 2 year old is crushing on Jennifer Garner! Tonight we were watching the movie 13 Going on 30...I had never seen it and it is one of those movies that I am too cheap to pay for so I wait for it to be on tv. Anyway, the moment JG came on the screen, Harrison stood at attention with his mouth open. He did not make a single move until a commercial break, because then he burst into tears until the break was over! I felt a bit like Jane Fonda in Monster-in-Law (another movie I did not pay to see)...but with better one-liners and more flesh on the bones (also with no digital retouching...I'm on to you Jane!). I mean I really felt slightly jealous and shocked. Two reasons: 1. I am supposed to be the only girl in his life until he starts school...mommy is supposed to be the center of his world for now and 2. Jennifer Garner?? Is this his type? I should be happy she is a little more wholesome than Lindsay Lohan (firecrotch!! ahhh!) or Paris Hilton. Okay, so during the movie I am envisioning the the year 2026 when my son brings home a Jennifer Garner look-a-like for Thanksgiving dinner. Hmmm...I'm okay with it. I mean at least she has "child-bearing" hips, right?