Saturday, January 13, 2007

Oh gosh!!!!

Winter weather blah de blah! Every station here is only broadcasting weather and closings...bleh...important yes but very boring!! Thank God my Scrapbooks, etc and Family Fun magazines arrived in the mail today. And Ben just walked to Blockbuster to rent us something. I get restless very easily! I am not someone who likes to stay inside at all...I always have to be on the go. Not a couch potato, although my body does resemble Mr. Potatohead. Harrison's favorite new phrase is "Oh gosh!!" and yesterday I was singing the Mananana song from Sesame Street and he said "No I don't want you to.." and I said "You don't want mommy to sing?" and he replied, "It's ugly!" I guess I can't go on American Idol!!! We have grandma to thank for teaching him the word ugly and ewww and yuck because one day he kept bringing grandma his plastic bug collection and she said those words. I had surgery after Thanksgiving to remove a benign tumor from my leg muscle and so now he likes to use those words for my Frankenstein scar LOL! Well, I better go watch our movie...Harrison is sleeping and this is the only kind of Saturday night date I get with my husband.

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