Tuesday, January 23, 2007

All my mommies out there...VOTE!!!

My leg was hurting so I woke up early (early for me!) to watch the Oscar nominations. I was happy for Jennifer Hudson's nomination for supporting actress! There were a lot of British actresses up for Best Actress. You can read the nominees names here at Eonline:
A lot of the tv people were shocked that Dreamgirls did not get nominated for Best Picture and that Brad Pitt did not get a nom for Babel.
While watching Good Morning America, they featured a story about a 3 year old and her family that were kicked off a plane because she was throwing a fit. The parents were trying to calm her down, and said she had pain from an ear infection (we've ALL been there!) The airline has apologized and offered free tickets, which the parents refused. You can read all about it here:
Well, GMA is having a poll "Should Crying Kids Be Kicked Off Planes?".
I went to vote, and being a mom I thought there would be more NOs, but here were the results from when I voted:
Three-year old Elly Kulesza and her parents were recently removed from a flight because the toddler could not stop crying.Do you think children who cry should be removed from airplanes?

Yes. They're loud and a nuisance to other passengers and the crew.4,400
No. They're just being children, and it's unfair to kick them off. 2,364 (side note: maybe all the moms are too busy to vote?)
Total Vote: 6,764
AARRRGGHHH!!! I would like to say a few things:
1. We were all children and sometimes in our lives I am sure each of us had a meltdown. Heck, as an adult I have meltdowns still.
2. It isn't like the girl was a THREAT to anyone!
3. There are too many people out there that are intolerant of ANY noise a child makes. MOST of these people have never had children...YET but guess what? Someday it WILL be your turn and you know what? CHILDREN MAKE NOISE. Learn to have a little smidgen of tolerance. I know there were many days when I thought (pre-baby) "Never my child. My child won't do that." And you know what, yes they will! (maybe ten times worse because of karma!)
4. Even when you think you have done everything in your power to keep a toddler's tears at bay, sometimes you cannot take the pain away that they may be experiencing, sometimes you cannot MAKE them sleep, etc
5. I would like to state for the record that anytime my son has cried in public (especially in a restaurant!!!) and is beyond calming down, we leave.
6. I always felt GUILTY for the people around us, but after listening to the parenting expert on Good Morning America I feel better. This is what she basically said,"Put your child first. You need to focus on your child's needs and calming them down. Don't worry about the other people because you will never see them again in your life...they are strangers!"
The only time I have an issue with some of this is when STRANGERS tsk, tsk my child or say something rude. I don't know why people think they have a right to help parent. Especially the one time we were at a Sesame Street Live concert of all places and this one guy made a loud tsk sound at us when Harrison started crying during INTERMISSION. I mean c'mon!!!
Well, all my fellow parents out there, help a mommy out...go vote in the poll now!
(BTW, you can only vote once...I tried LOL).