Wednesday, December 7, 2016


I feel like a total mombie. Tired! But I am forcing myself to stay up to watch an episode of Crazy of my favorite shows. Comedy and music unite! 
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My house smells wonderful and like Christmas because of my cinnamon brooms and I love the Cranberry Mandarin Splash wax cubes from Better Homes and Garden (from WalMart). It's so Christmas-y up in here!!
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Friday, November 25, 2016

FriYAY FunYAYs...time to smile. :)

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Two Sentence Scary Stories...eeeekkk!!!

I don't know what is scarier than Black Friday shopping but I love scary stories. These are scary ones that are made up of two sentences. These would be good story starters for your students, too (some of the tame ones, anyway!).  Source: Reddit

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Turkeys, y'all!

Check out this beautiful Iranian tile piece:

So beautiful, so realistic. I would totally do this if I won the lottery! Something like this would be in my freakin' living room.

Then I would probably never leave my house!!

Oh, and meet my newest Venus Flytrap, Aphrodite!!! I love it.

So I have been feeling the need to bake lately. This week I am going to make one of my much-asked-for apple pies. I did make rainbow fun cupcakes with Harrison.

They were so yummy! I think they lasted a day in our house. :)

And I finally uploaded some pics of me in my Snow White costume...

I am so glad my mom helped me with the skirt. What a pain it ended up being!! Next year, I am either going to be Supergirl (with my blonde wig) or a Ninja Turtle. Definitely something easier since I already own both!

Here is my wig. I know I make a better brunette!!

So we are busy making Thanksgiving prep...

And yep, I have that child that only eats the rolls. 
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Friday, November 18, 2016

FriYAY FunYAYs-Happy Friday, yo!

Happy Friday! This week was great!

(After the time change...)

Cat owners right before heading out the door...

And on my own Twitter page...yikes!